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     Chyamhasingh, Libali, Bhaktapur, Nepal, PH: 6610902

Congratulation Message From QUEST-NEPAL

Circle In Education for Students’ Personality Development, Nepal
Congratulation Message

First of all, I like to congratulate the Founder and all well wishers of Lisha English Secondary School at Libali, Bhaktapur who has created this noble educational institute twenty five years ago and have prepared caliber students for the benefit of the society. It is indeed a long lasting service to the society.

I hope Lisha will work more selflessly in the future educating children making them capable enough to cope the challenges and grasp the opportunities of the modern world. On this auspicious occasion of 25th Anniversary of the school, I wish all stakeholders of the school: directors, principal, teachers, administrators parents, students and well wishers have the commitment and dedication to furnish the best available knowledges and resources to make Lisha, one of the best Institution In Bhaktapur.

QUST-Nepal, as you know, Is striving hard to Implement Students’ Quality Circle(SQC) in academia.More than Ten thousands students have already practiced SQC at their respective schools. There are about 100 Master Trainers available who can guide SQC. To write briefly about SQC, It is an innovative teaching learning pedagogy which motivates students to develop the habit of inquiry in all aspects of life. Young students themselves identify their problems, analyze the root causes and then solve them in a team. during the process they develop their leadership personality.

I am sure Lisha English Seconday School will Implement SQC as a co curricular activities in school to further enhance thier quality of education.
Wishing you all the best...

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagaln
Chief Patron, QUEST-Nepal
Director General-Nepal, WCTQEE

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